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HOT geeks LLC is a local shop for computer repair in Northfield MN and the surrounding area. We can troubleshoot computers, repair computers, install computers, or upgrade your computer gear no matter where you bought it. Not only will we work on your computer, unlike other areas we will show you what went wrong and how to can prevent it from happening again.  Along with all of your repairs you will receive a 90 day warranty so if anything goes wrong you will be all good to go. If you live in Northfield MN or the surrounding area, give us a call!


It doesn’t matter where you bought your system or how old it is, we can work with whatever you bring us and get the issue fixed.


Whether you’re having trouble with Microsoft Office, Teamviewer, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Edge, we can ¬†get to the bottom it and get it working fast.


We can give you plenty of options for hardware and software upgrades to keep your PC running lightning fast!

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